Australian Security Screens

Protect Your Home and What’s Inside





Meshtec Security Screen Doors help prevent burglars from gaining access.


316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. This is the same metal composition specified by performance yacht manufacturers on crucial fittings and cables.     316 marine grade stainless steel has a higher tensile commercial grade, and it also yields a significantly greater resistance to corrosion.


Q: Will Meshtec Security Screens on my windows block my light and my view? A: Meshte’s innovative weave design works to reduce glare and heat, without forfeiting your natural light and view.

Meshtec Security Screens consistently surpasses these the AUSTRALIAN STANDARDS: • Knife Shear Test • Impact Test • Anti-Jemmy Test • Pull Test • Cyclone Screen Test.


BENEFITS * Clear Views * Lots of light * Fresh air/Cross breeze * Blocks the sun’s harmful UV rays * Energy savings/keep home cooler * Protection against flying pests .

Protect Your Home and What’s Inside Keep the bad guys out and let the fresh air in.




Extending far beyond insect control, our screens provide dependable security along with unobstructed views and ventilation.





















Discover our stainless steel mesh security screens with patented framing systems to enhance the safety and security of all types of windows and doors.